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DOT Federal Transit Administration

State Management Review (SMR) Program support

The SMR examines how recipients of 49 USC Section 5309, Capital Investments (New Starts and Small Starts, Bus and Bus Facilities, and Rail and Fixed Guideway Modernization), 5310 (Transportation for Elderly Persons and Persons with Disabilities), and 5311 (Rural and Small Urban Areas), 5316 (Job Access Reverse Commute), and 5317 (New Freedoms) grant programs meet statutory and administrative requirements – especially those that are included in the Master Agreement. Qi Tech performs SMRs and combined SMR/TRs (Triennial Review).

Reviews encompassed desk reviews in FTA Regions, preparing agenda packages, reviewing grantee documentation, conducting recipient and sub-recipient site visits, issuing draft and final reports, distributing draft reports to a variety of FTA offices depending on the areas of deficiency found, and providing final worksheet /documentation to the respective FTA Regional Office.